We’re Team Subtext and we’re a six time runner up team (AKA eternal bridesmaids of GISH).

We’re looking for a member who has strong engineering skills who can construct whatever contraptions this year’s GISH list might throw at us.  Like the idea of creating a giant NERF gun? Not scared about the prospect of designing self powered knee and elbow scooters? Then we want you!

**Special consideration for those who reside in or near New York City or Southern California or have strong connections to either of these areas.**


About Us:

  • Team Subtext currently resides in six countries (United States, Peru, El Salvador, Poland, Austria, and England).
  • Some members of Team Subtext have been playing since the hunt began in 2011.
  • We’ve been featured in the coffee table book and on official GISH social media channels numerous times.
  • We are an LGBTQ+ inclusive team!