Washington Pawst

This week we’re speaking to Makana, who currently resides with a foster mom through the Love A Cat Charity. He is looking for a forever-home of his own.

“I hope to find my forever-home someday soon,” Makana told us.  “I’m considered ‘at-risk’ because black male cats are the least adopted type of cat.  It usually takes us two to three times longer to get adopted,” he said.  His assertion is backed up by research done by the Kentucky Humane Society.  This sort of discrimination makes it harder for black cats to find their permanent adoptive families.

When asked how he ended up with his foster mom at the Love A Cat Charity he was a bit hazy on the details, though it was still clearly an emotional subject for him to tackle.

“I was found crying by the dumpster, but I don’t remember how I got there.  They think I hitched a ride on a truck and then wandered out and got lost.  I was only six-weeks old and couldn’t do much for myself yet. So I just cried and cried.  Then Love A Cat Charity saved me.”

“He is such a gift,” said Sara from the kitten rescue about our little Makana.  Judging from the adorable pictures and videos she provided, we can’t help but agree!  Makana is precious and we know an appropriate home is waiting out there for him somewhere.

Makana (right) pictured with friend Persephone

“I’d prefer a home indoors,” he added.  “It’s safer for me and I won’t be tempted to eat the local birds.  I’ll play with your bird toys, though.  Safely.  Indoors.”

If he’s not adopted, Sara confirmed that he will have a home at the kitten rescue, but they would love to hear from potential adoptive cat-parents to find his appropriate forever-home.

“Our mission is to help end euthanasia of unwanted cats by caring for feral and abandoned felines, spaying or neutering them, and, when appropriate, adopting them out,” Sara explained.

Are you the appropriate forever-home for Makana? If so, contact Sara at sarasoesbeearmstrong@gmail.com to inquire about his status.